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3cm Enamel Pin inspired by the Necronomicon featured in Evil Dead, Army of Darkness and Ash Vs Evil Dead


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The Dark Ones, also known as the Old Gods, ruled the planet millenia ago. During their time of rule, they wrote a book and called it The Necronomicon. The world was a very different place. The sky rained hellfire and blood filled the seas.┬áThe pages were inked with the blood of humans, and the cover was bound with the flesh. Some say that the Dark Ones flayed anyone who disobeyed them and bound the covers with that flesh. Others say the flesh is not human, but from a demon. This demon possessed more power over the Deadites, commonly called Evil Dead, than the Dark Ones, and they flayed him. They made the book from his flesh to regain dominant power over all beings. This demon may or may not have been the Kandarian demon, who still commands the Deadites, either directly or as commanded by the book. The book found its way into the hands of Ash Williams, who later became The Chosen One when he fulfilled the “Hero From The Sky” prophecy. Thus began the chronicles of Ash vs Evil Dead.

Evil Dead

Deadites are a demon-zombie hybrid of sorts. Any life-force, being, plant, or animal that possesses a soul turns into a deadite when possessed by the Kandarian demon. They act as a hive mind for the Kandarian demon, who can see through all eyes and hear through all ears. The Kandarian demon has no form, as far as we know, and is likened to a poltergeist-type entity. You could say the Deadites are how it assumes a form in our dimension. The Necronomicon commands power over the Evil Dead and Kandarian demon.

Ash vs Evil Dead

You, too, can help Ash Williams in his fight against the Evil Dead. Wear this Necronomicon Enamel Pin to protect yourself from becoming a Deadite, or perhaps give you command over a soul or two.

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