CHS Lady By Night “Elizabeth” 150gsm T Shirt


Lady By Night “Elizabeth”

Designed by Gabrielle Cronje

Printed by hand

150gsm Red 100% cotton screen printed t shirt

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CHS Presents

The Lady By Night “Elizabeth” t-shirt. One day, Gabrielle Cronje saw the phrase “lady by night,” which inspired her to design an ongoing series of shirts. It reminded her of women and feminine people who are expected, or required, to dress a certain way according to societal customs. They are often only free to dress up how they truly want at night, away from judging eyes. If they do not adhere to gender norms, and keep their mouths shut, they run the risk of rejection. Elizabeth wants them to speak freely and be honest about who they are.

Blinded by Authority

Elizabeth is a free-thinking, loose-tongued intellectual. She liked to watch all the things happening in the world, and would willingly speak out about or against it all. But the powers-that-be did not like that at all. To make an example, they gouged out all of her eyes so she could no longer see what was going on in the world around her.

As a result, she can’t witness everything as it is, and mostly relies on others to tell her the truth of what is happening in the world. She still speaks out for and against all matter of things, but her ideals are flawed. She has to rely on her trust of her sources, and some sources trick her into believing they are trustworthy. Nevertheless, she has vowed never to be silenced.

Furthermore, this has led her to have conflicting views and ideals. Some people say she lies about things, just to get attention. The media and the powers-that-be, who control the media, have given her two tongues. Therefore, her followers can never know which tongue is telling the truth, and which tongue is speaking fallacy. They can only trust her as much as she can trust her sources. Nowadays, that trust runs pretty thin.

Speak Freely

Elizabeth stands for the duality of information. She represents how the world is not black and white, and that we cannot trust everything we hear or see. In a world where information is so freely available, our points of view and ideals can change on a dime. We find trust in sources as quickly as we lose it. Most of all, she stands for the ability to speak freely. Whether people agree with your narrative or not, you should always be privy to a voice.

Moreover, Elizabeth Asks Questions

In a world where information reigns king, why are we not free to speak our minds?


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