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“Stay Spooky”

Designed by S J Kearney

Printed by hand

150gsm White 100% cotton screen printed t-shirt

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The “Stay Spooky” t shirt. It is inspired by S J Kearney’s love for Edgar Allan Poe and references his most famous work, The Raven. Designed by S J Kearney and hand-printed in house using premium silk screen technology.

Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven

The Raven was a huge success of its time, and one definitive source of fame for Edgar Allan Poe. It has certainly stood the test of time. Poe wrote it in 1845, just two years before the death of his wife, Virginia (whom was also his cousin, things were weird back then), and four years before his own demise in 1849.

Stay Spooky

The Raven was not the first of Poe’s work that I read as a child, but I hadn’t delved deep into his works before I came across it. It was a piece that really struck me, as I’m sure it did most people. It certainly resonated with me for a long time and had a lasting effect on my psyche. The imagery he uses and the characters he creates, plagued by madness, are so vivid that they are hard to forget.

Edgar Allan Poe was a master of his craft and could transport his readers directly into the minds of madmen in a matter of sentences. This has always been (and probably always will be) the kind of writer I aspire to be. It all started with Poe. I still read his works on a regular basis, to remind me why I write. I suppose that’s also why I designed this t shirt; to remind me to stay spooky and keep writing horror.

– S J Kearney


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