CHS Lady By Night “Julie” 150gsm T Shirt


Lady By Night “Julie”

Designed by Gabrielle Cronje

Printed by hand

150gsm Red 100% cotton screen printed t-shirt

We ship world-wide

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CHS Presents

The Lady By Night “Julie” t-shirt. One day, Gabrielle Cronje saw the phrase “lady by night,” which inspired her to design an ongoing series of shirts. It reminded her of women and feminine people who are expected, or required, to dress a certain way according to societal customs. They are often only free to dress up how they truly desire at night, away from judging eyes. If they do not adhere to gender norms, they run the risk of being outcast. Julie wants them to feel acceptance.

The Outcast with a Pentagram Carved into Her Forehead

“Julie” is a neo-wiccan, and wears a pentagram carved into her forehead. This symbol represents her affiliation with the strange and dark underbelly of society. She was outcast by her peers for having different interests and not dressing properly (according to her socially enforced gender). As a result, the views of society poisoned her mind and made her question herself. So, she gouged out her eyes because she could not bear to look at herself in the mirror. Without her eyes she could not see the failures of her appearance; the woman she was not. Afterwards, she would stand in front of the mirror and imagine a beautiful princess looking back at her as she pretended to make up her face.


One day, her interests led her to other outcasts, who celebrate diversity and kinship. She found people who did not care how she chose to present herself. They did not care if she wore makeup or not, or if she wore a screen printed t-shirt instead of a dress, or if she had a pentagram carved into her forehead. They accepted her for who she chose to be, and not what society chose for her.

Overall, “Julie” represents acceptance, and the freedom every person should feel to be themselves and wear what ever clothes they want. She wants you to express who you are and find the people who will accept you for you.

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