Campfire Horror Stories was created by aspiring horror author S. J. Kearney. The idea is to manifest an online magazine that provides quality short stories, flash-fiction, creepypasta and horror stories for FREE to everyone. He welcomes comments and criticism on his work, and will engage whenever possible.

Developing a taste for the macabre at a very young age, he would often stay up late at night, with a torch under the covers, reading Edgar Allan Poe. It was around this age of 7 or 8 that he became enthralled with scary stories of ancient burial grounds beneath modern homes and started to obsess about the terrifying prospect of being abducted by aliens. Needless to say, there were many things that went bump in the night and sleep was ever fleeting.

This did not curb his enthusiasm for horror stories, however. His love for Poe burned on, and he read him whenever the chance arose. At the age of 10, in his final year of primary school, his teacher introduced him to Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, in the form of an audiobook. The collection has since proved timeless as a go-to for horror stories to tell around the campfire, and that is just what he would do. Memorizing stories and always attempting to craft his own, he would often be telling scary stories around the campfire at home or in the creepier setting of the quiet wilderness.

He continued reading horror stories and worked through the many works of R. L. Stine, Stephen King, and H. P. Lovecraft, in particular. Max Brooks became a favorite of his with World War Z, which he still recommends to this day as the book that kept him on the edge of his seat.

As the internet shifted into the forefront of society, he discovered the wonderfully dark online world of amateur horror authors and the growing trend of a writing style dubbed creepypasta. Most fascinating to him was the ever-growing followings that some of the creepypasta stories would generate. They took on lives and folklore of their own, soon becoming far larger stories than what the author originally wrote. His favorite creepypasta remains to be 1999, followed closely by candle cove and the phenomenon that is slenderman.

Now, after a decade-long hiatus, S. J. Kearney has again taken up the quill to continue to quench the thirst of the underworld and all things macabre. He is studying towards a BA in Creative Writing and writes horror stories, flash-fiction and creepypasta whenever he can.

So, if free short stories and horror writing is what you love, you have certainly come to the right place. You might want to start small with the quick but creepy flash-fiction piece The Effigy, or go right to something a bit longer with the anxiety-inducing, sleep-depriving short horror story A Good Nights Sleep.

Read one or read them all. You’re always welcome around the Campfire!