Awake – (A Short Horror Story)

A thrilling tale from fellow WordPress blogger DoNotAnnoyTheWriter, fit for any collection of creepypasta. It’s about a young boy, James, and his habit of staying awake at night while he should be sleeping. An excellent horror story to tell around the campfire!

Do Not Annoy The Writer

James was always a late sleeper. More often than not, his mother would put him to bed around 8 o’clock, and then, for the next few hours until she came to bed, he would lie awake, creatingstrange and fantastical stories in his head and occasionally whispering with his imaginary friend. Of course, whenever he heard his mother coming up the stairs to check on him, he would invariably pretend to be asleep. His door would open just a crack and his mother, silhouetted against the light of the landing, would peek her head around the door, see that he was asleep and then quietly close the door again as she left. James knew all this because whenever his mother would peek around the door, he would open one eye, just a fraction, so that he could see her. Until now, she had never guessed that he wasn’t asleep.


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